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Thank you for selecting AAAgent Services, LLC as your PA Registered Office Provider. As you are now aware, every company registered in Pennsylvania must maintain a physical office address at which they may be served with legal process should they be named in a lawsuit. Since you have selected AAAgent Services, LLC (also trading as Esquire Assist) as your Registered Office Provider, we would ask that you complete the information form below and return it to us. In exchange for our annual fee, we will provide the Registered Office service which your company is statutorily required to maintain until you dissolve or withdraw from doing business in PA.

Mailings: We do not forward junk mail, but we will forward governmental mail. Our office should not be used as your mailing address for general mail. We reserve the right to open any mail directed to our office under your company name to ascertain if it is junk mail, and you hereby consent to this reserved right.

Service: It is further agreed that if we cannot reach either the primary or secondary contact person listed below, we can choose, at our discretion, which method to return any service of process to you.

Additional Understanding: It is further understood that you are being advised of additional terms located at our web site address ( ) and, in particular, the release of your contact information to the Department of State should you advise us to terminate our services without substitution of another PA Registered Office address. It is your responsibility to file any change of Registered Office form and pay the accompanying fee if you advise us to terminate our service.

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