PA Commercial Registered Office Provider

*******************************PENNSYLVANIA ONLY*********************************


1) We will file your forms at the PA Corporation Bureau (at no additional cost); 

2) We will, if required, handle your legal publications for a very small additional fee;

3) We provide your registered office here in Pennsylvania which is required by Statute.


AAAgent Services, LLC can provide your clients with inexpensive yet extremely responsive Registered Office Services in PA. As you know, PA does not utilize Registered Agents. Instead, your clients must have an office in PA where they can be amenable to service, i.e. a Registered Office. If your client does not have a geographic address in PA that can serve as a Registered Office they are required by statute to utilize the services of a Registered Office Provider.


1) A registered office provider is, by Statute, to serve as an office where a company can be found and served with legal process. It is not, nor should it be, an address where you have general mail, overnight mail or other business related mailings sent;

2) It is a service that is provided for a fee and is not to be used without our consent. To do so could constitute theft of services or some other crime;

3) We do not provide any type of services relating to tax registrations, professional and occupations licensing requirements, insurance or banking registrations nor do we provide legal counsel on any of the requirements of the various agencies where you may or may not have further registration requirements. We provide only non-legal related services that will help you get your company registered in the Corporation Bureau of the PA Department of State.

4) If you fail to pay the annual fee, or if you instruct us to withdraw without your filing a Change of Registered Office form, we will withdraw as your Commercial Registered Office Provider and your company will no longer be in compliance with the PA General Association Law. In that event, we will be required by the State of Pennsylvania to provide to them your last known address and other contact information.

5) We reserve the right to open general mail that appears to be "junk" mail or other mail that we do not agree to accept in order to determine if it should be forwarded to you. Governmental mail will be forwarded to our primary contact for your company via regular mail and without any personal contact... i.e. if it was mailed to us, we will mail it to you.

Contact us for our annual fee for this service. Check out our FAQ's relating to CROP services for information on selecting the county of Venue portion of new filing forms. This section should be considered carefully as it has legal significance. You are NOT required to use the county in which our office is located. Please contact your attorney for assistance with this decision.

Download our Contract for Service PDF form by Clicking Here. Complete the form and fax/email back to us to set up your account.

Check out our FAQ's relating to CROP services by Clicking Here.